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(Photo left) Is that a Pulaski on my neck, or is Jose just glad to see me?

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Links to official government produced PDF maps (with production dates) of some local trails:
Lafayette Heritage Trail Park (March 2014) Includes Cadillac Trail and LHT pedestrian bridge
Magnolia Trail (June 2009) In Tom Brown Park
Fern Trail (2014)
Elinor Klapp-Phipps Park (October 2011) Includes Red Bug Trail
Miccosukee Greenway Park (March 2006) Full overview end-to-end map
Miccosukee Greenway (February 2006) West half
Miccosukee Greenway (March 2006) East half
Alford Greenway Park (January 2006)
Munson Hills and Twilight Zone Trails Official USFS map self-hosted since 4 May 2014